Canine Dental Month |

February is ended but it does not mean you should forget about your pugs dental care. Their dental care should be on the top of the health list just as getting vaccinated. Poor dental care leads to more than just bad breath, gingivitis, tooth loss, or pyorrhea (inflammation of gums and tooth sockets). Poor dental care can lead to organ damage or even fatal organ damage. Poor dental care causes toxins to enter and be absorbed into your pugs bloodstream by the kidneys, liver, and brain. The toxic bacterial is spread through the blood stream setting up colonies within your pugs tissues such as the heart valves, liver, and/or kidneys. The damage these toxins can cause to the kidney, brain and cardiac tissues can have long lasting effects or even fatalities. This is why good oral hygiene is best for you and your pug. Veterinarians understand the concerns about using aesthetic when your pug needs extensive dental care; however, they are working to improve the reactions and concerns of aesthetic use. Again, why prevent dental care is best for your pug. One way to insure the best oral care possible is to provide your pug with a balanced meal, utilize chew toys, treats, and brushing your pugs test on a regular basis.

It is up to you to help your pug with the best oral care possible, starting from day one of getting them. Get your pug an oral examination on a regular basis. Make sure there are plenty of chew toys available for them that are good for them. An ounce of prevention assists with prolonging your pugs health.