The steel hollow bar’s thread pattern

The steel hollow bar’s thread pattern

This kind thread form of steel hollow bar provides more surface area and deformations per unit length for good bond charateristics over that of competitive drill steel thread forms. 

The steel hollow bar’s thread pattern has also appeared to exceed the bond mechanism of SGS reinforcing steel. The lower thread angle features the installed hollow anchor to be torque-tensioned for fast tie back operations. 

The steel hollow bar system is freely with enhanced corrosion protection with hot-dip galvanized or epoxy coated bars and components. Installation adapters for the steel hollow bar systems are suitable for all drill rigs.

Steel hollow bars are non-tensioned, interior reinforcement for the stability of excavations and embankments in top-down operation.Sinorock steel hollow bar system is an ideal choice for soil nailing in difficult soils as it provides high installation rates.

Steel hollow bar components have gained approval for permanent soil nail use in Europe and have also been used widely for permanent soil nails in the United States.

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