Appealing and Trendy Valentines Gifts for Guys

Valentine's Day is a time to show the important people in your life that you care about them. With most Valentine's Day gifts geared towards couples and girls in particular, it can be challenging to find the right gift for a guy. Whether he likes reading, is an athlete, artist or is technologically savvy, he will want to know that you love him, especially on Valentine's Day. A thoughtful and creative gift will let him know just how much you care. Here are some interesting Valentines gifts ideas for guys.


Most guys love sports and enjoy playing or watching their favorite game for hours. If the recipient is a sports fan, he'll appreciate sports-themed Valentines gifts. For those who like to play tennis or golf, gift sports equipment like a racquet or golf kit, so that he can play his favorite sport whenever he pleases. If the recipient enjoys baseball or basketball, gift him season tickets to the home games to see his favorite team play.


Teen guys love gadgets and there are several types of electronic gifts that you could buy for Valentine's Day. Anything from MP3 players and digital cameras to video games and laptop accessories will make for great Valentines gifts. If you want to gift something funky, consider opting for designer headphones, gift cards for MP3 downloads, or electronic handheld games, laser pointers or digital watches.


If the recipient is old enough to drive, he will appreciate a Valentine's Day gift for his car. Consider key chains, air fresheners, dashboard novelties or bumper stickers. You can also gift accessories like seat and steering wheel covers to help him customize his cars interior. Another great Valentines gift idea is to help him get around by gifting him gas cards or gift certificates for a free oil change tire replacement or car wash.


Consider surprising him with a one of a kind adventure. Try things that he will prefer, but has not tried before. Take a pick from skydiving or indoor skydiving, rock climbing, water surfing and scuba lessons. You can also experience this adventure together!

These unique Valentines gifts along with a lovely card and some chocolates will definitely surprise him and make him feel special.

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