Maintenance of various gemstones(2)

If you read my last essay, you will know that although these gems research is high, but it should have a significant brittle and cracked surface, easily broken, it should be taken to avoid the intense impact when you buy them from cubic zircon gemstones supplier. Now we talk another type of gemstone.


The span of gems like pearl, pure beryl, opal, amber, coral, sea turtle, and turkey sapphire is afraid of heat. Heat is detrimental to all the gems; the above gems, in particular, more attention should be placed close to avoid prolonged heating apparatus. We also should pay attention to some hot sale synthetic gemstones in market for the span of gems. If you need to wash the gems, cleaning should not use ultrasonic cleaning gemstones - pure beryl, topaz, opal, pearls, amber, coral, sea turtle, Turkey sapphire. After these gems within the machine by the ultrasonic vibration, a great danger of fragmentation, it is not appropriate to use ultrasonic washer cleaning. Available on a soft toothbrush dipped in diluted detergent cleaning.


I believe you will get some ideas if you read these essays for the maintenance of various gemstones. And next time, you will know which kind of gems you choose from colored zircon gemstones wholesale