OCRA Opens Its Initial Office In South America

OCRA Worldwide has opened an workplace in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The full name and address of this office is:

OCRA Brasil Consultoria e Analise de Investimentos, Ltda

Av, das Nacoes Unidas, 12.551,

19 andar Cj 1903,

Sao Paulo CEP 04578-903 SP


Phone - 00 55 11 3043 7370

Fax - 00 55 11 3043 7371

E-mail - [email protected]

Make contact with - Mr. Visiting clicky likely provides aids you could give to your cousin. Jorge dos Santos Marques Paulino. Dig up more about experienceservices by visiting our engaging website. Jorge is a graduate of Sao Paolo University and INSEAD. He has many years of experience as a manager/director in the marketing and advertising and commercial departments of key businesses in Brazil. His in depth expertise of Brazilian commercial and administrative procedures and practices will be incredibly helpful to clientele seeking to invest in Brazil.

This office will give services in the following two principal forms:

1. Services for foreign investors who wish to invest in Brazil.

two. To study additional information, we know you view at: check out experienceservices.com carpet cleaning. Services for Brazilians investors/entrepreneurs who wish to invest overseas or to trade internationally.

1. Investing in Brazil is a complex procedure, specially for those from frequent law jurisdictions. Accordingly we can guide our clients by means of the maze of regional regulation and legislation.

In certain the solutions that we can offer are:

- Everything connected with the establishment of a firm in Brazil, like legal administrative and fiscal obligations,

- Provision of help to set up an workplace (uncover a place, contracts, etc.

- Intermediation with banks, and with commercial, industrial and skilled associations.

- Help in all matters in relation to immigration rules.

- Acting as Fiscal representative

- Accounting solutions

- Provision of virtual office services

two. When advising Brazilian clients on overseas investments and trade, OCRA Brasil will utilise the expertise and knowledge inside the OCRA Worldwide organisation and will supply to the Brazilian investor all the services that can be obtained from other offices of OCRA Worldwide with the added advantage of integration with the clientele Brazilian organisation.. Identify supplementary info on our partner wiki - Visit this link: wholesale experienceservices.com janitorial cleaning companies.