The Different Types Of Sealers

The Different Types Of Sealers

When it comes to the medical department, the products produced need to adhere to the set standards. That is the reason why most companies spend time and money in buying the sealers. These are the machines that are responsible for the production of sterilized and safe medical and dental products.

There are quite a few medical sealer types out there and it is important for you to know their features and performance. You will come across three major designs; the impulse heat sealers, the constant heat sealers and also the continuous band sealers. These designs can also be used as vacuum and gas sealer.

The Difference

  • The Design

The impulse heaters have been created to deliver timed impulse heat currents over the blades. This is what produces the thermal sealing of the pouch. As complicated as the process sounds, it takes seconds to be completed. They normally use two different types of control system; they can either use the thermocouple based control system or the current based control system. With this design, you can water cool the sealers die.

The constant heat sealer on the hand, work by generating heat constantly and consistently on the blades. They either use two heated aluminum blades or the combination of one aluminum die and one non-heated silicon pads.

The continuous band sealers use two bands or belts in the sealing process- hence the name continuous band. They are used in application that requires high volume. They can also be used for different bag sizes.

  • Cost

The most expensive design is the constant heat sealers. This is because of the features and performance. The continuous band sealers are also expensive.

When it comes to performance, the delivery will be different. This is because they all function differently and they work well under the unique set standards. It is however worth noting that when it comes to volume and speed, the continuous band sealers are the best.