Various Mediterranean-style curtains

Most of us would think the words of romance, cool and fantastic when we talk about Mediterranean. However, not all of us could go to Mediterranean for the view. Now we can buy Mediterranean-style curtains from China curtain manufacturer for our home decoration.


First one is beautiful Mediterranean blue stripes. People feel very comfortable, attractive, color matching elegant and they wear thick fabrics. Of course, elegant color will add more natural colors. With European graphic stitching, it is clever and full of life. What’s more, simple and smooth lines curtains from embroidery curtain wholesale in China are also wonderful. The use of white red and blue stitching, filling Mediterranean style, and with a sort of festive color, add a lot to the room warm and romantic atmosphere. Adoption of healthy green chenille fabric, fine texture, feel comfortable, fine workmanship, you deserve to have.


Next time, when you buy some curtains and no good ideas, I think high quality jacquard curtain could be one of your choices.