Vivo Xshot 3 spied with finger marks scanning device and large digicam lens

This is information that I have independently been with patience patiently waiting quite a very long time for! The first expected images of the next Vivo Xshot3! This is what we found.

Last year the Vivo Xshot became my personal mobile phone Huawei Honor Play 5X VS Letv 1s  of choice for the year. While it was OnePlus that got most of the attention, it was the Vivo Xshot that offered a better looking and more compact mobile phone, awesome sound, amazing battery package power and the best digital camera performance of the year.

The Xshot was so great that Vivo haven’t needed to rush out an update for it, Doogee X6 Review as it still remains a excellent mobile phone, but progressively we all noticed a next gen version would come.

Today, Chinese suppliers media are verifying that the Vivo Xshot3 has been identified Huawei Enjoy 5 VS Xiaomi Mi4C at the beginning of spy images. The images don’t show the mobile phone in its whole, but it shows information of the rear.

From the images we see that Vivo have included a hand represents reader to the rear of the mobile phone digital camera based system. Of course the main use of this is protection, but we believe Vivo will also add protected transaction, redirecting and possibly even digital camera features to the signal too.

Another back-end operate is the much larger than conventional lens for the main digital camera. This hopefully also means a larger aperture for better night images (the exclusive Xshot had a F1.8 aperture) and perhaps even a wider place lens than used before. The size of  Ulefone Be Touch 3 Review  the new Vivo Xshot3 also looks higher than the present 5.2-inch design, and we wonder if the mobile phone will have the same separated display be the Vivo X6?

We desire to see the Vivo Xshot 3 announced at the end of the year which would see the mobile phone go on selling for the Chinese suppliers New Year celebrations.