Diagnosing Problems With Your Car's Air Conditioner

A Brief Look at Possible Causes of Head Gaskets Failure Your engine undergoes a 4-stroke combustion cycle many, many times for each minute. This cycle generates an enormous amount of heat that threatens to break your entire assembly. Temperatures can climb to the point where the engine overheats along with the fuel inside the combustion chambers begins to detonate. This can lead to damage to the pistons, valves, and rings. Just like the air conditioner filter in your house, your cars air filter was designed to separate out your "junk" that comes in with the air before that air reaches expensive and sensitive systems much like your ac, your engine, your lungs. Automobile engines depend on a precise air-fuel mixture to operate, understanding that air must be clear of debris in order to not clog and damage the engine. Like the filter in your house, the automotive air conditioner filter is made from paper or fabric folded accordion-style in a very metal or plastic frame. As you drive, outside air passes through the filter as well as the paper folds trap a lot of the dirt and pollution before mid-air passes in to the remaining portion of the automotive system. You can prevent getting locked out of your vehicle by having a spare key readily available. Dont count on those magnetic boxes your grandfather used. Keep a spare in your purse. Some companies will make small plastic keys that one could keep within your wallet for opening your locked car. These are far more effective than by using a hanger to pry your lock open. The third round of repairs consists of cosmetic flaws. If you have bad paint or rusted body work, that does not compromise the safety, than the others must be about the lowest priority level. These are issues that dont affect safety or performance but they are merely cosmetic naturally, so while these could function as the most crucial issues on your own vanity theyre really not the most important with regards to what repairs you need to prioritize. Check your oil level weekly if the engine is cold, by taking out the dip stick. Wipe clean and replace. Remove again and make certain that the oil level mark is involving the minimum and maximum levels as indicated on the dip stick. Top up if necessary with a suitable oil to your car, as describe inside the Car Manual, being sure that you may not over fill since this can lead to excessive oil pressure in the engine that may cause leaks or perhaps damage. one day car insurance uk view source view link