What Are the Benefits of Using a Local Accountancy Firm?

If you are involved in the world of business, you will probably have thought about using an accountant to help look after the financial side of your business. The role of accountants has changed in recent years to become not only a person who looks after the financial aspects of a business but one who can offer sound business advice as well.  The rise in the number of people wishing to get help with their accounting has also led to a rise in the number of accountancy firms Stockport, and with the rise in competition in this area you may be thinking what is the benefit to your business of using a local accountancy firm?

Personalised Service

If you work with a small local accountancy firm, rather than a large corporate agency, you will be able to build up a much closer relationship with the team there. With a small local team such as IN Accountancy, you will know exactly who you are dealing with, you won't be bounced around from pillar to post, and you will have a direct point of contact with someone in the office.

Lower Costs

We have seen that accountant’s fees can vary dramatically, and with a large amount of competition in the market, smaller firms are starting to offer more competitive rates to get ahead in the market. Therefore, choosing a small firm of accountants Hazel Grove could save you money.


Being able to get hold of your accountant easily, and have a warm relationship with them is crucial. Being a small business themselves, accountants in Hazel Grove know the challenges you are facing, and will work with you to get to know your business and offer you the best service they can. They will work hard to ensure they keep your business too; as each business they work with is essential to their business success.


Many small businesses nowadays are set-up by entrepreneurs who are putting everything into their business, therefore giving control of the financial side of things to someone means building a relationship of trust with that person.  The good thing about local accountants is that they have usually built a good relationship with many people within the community, and so you should be able to find a good local accountant by word of mouth or friends recommendations.


Everybody knows that old saying 'Time is Money' and nowhere is this truer than in a small business. Having your accountant on your doorstep and readily available will save you lots of time, and they will be easily available to you should any issues arise.