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by carozy2 years ago

How to do everything that's needed to prevent cavities when you're wearing Invisalign. More information and tips are included about Invisalign that your orthodontist probably won't tell you.

by Neha Sadana5 months ago

It is very important to know some home remedies for toothache as this unbearable pain can attack you any time of the day. These natural ways can relieve you from that killing pain in your teeth.

by Jessica Barrow23 months ago

The only thing worse than an agonizing toothache is childbirth. No dental insurance? No problem. Until you can head over to the dentist, here's a quick, unconventional remedy that I swear works!

by cyclrmom5 years ago

a broken tooth with old filling needing a crown Many people come and go in our dental practice with teeth hurting and teeth with pending needs. Dentistry can be so preventative if people would only look at it that...

by Faceless397 weeks ago

Can you really cure cavities, or is it a big scam? Cut through the sensational Internet stories and learn the truth about curing cavities and what you can do to..

by Kelsey Boydston13 months ago

The truth about curing your toothache with Whiskey, and the options available to you when seeking affordable dental care.

by seamist4 years ago

Do you thnk the recession is only hurting your pocketbook and lifestyle? If you wake up with jaw pain or tooth pain, you may have bruxism. Bruxism is a relatively common, stress-relateddental condition where...

by Dentists Hate Me2 years ago

Do you feel sharp pains within your teeth whenever you drink something cold? Find out why and how you can treat the pain.

by tamron2 years ago

Get temporary relief of a toothache. Temporary cavity fix that lasts for a week or better. Preventing and curing gum disease. Whiten teeth naturally. News and new breakthroughs.

by Jasmeet Kaur22 months ago

Toothache after filling up is an ordinary experience for many who have gone through such ways. People who experience pain have extra sensitive teeth compared to others, as a result, making the pain intolerable.