Concentrated on self drilling rock bolt manufacturing-Sinorock

For 3 years, Sinorock continued to supply quality self drilling rock bolt products around the country and around the world. Further developments in self drilling rock bolt products led Sinorock to become the leader in providing such products to the Heavy construction industry for use in mass concrete projects such as Dams, Locks, bridges, water and sewage treatment plants. Sinorock products have been used on such landmark projects as Hoover and Shasta Dams in the west, most of the Lock and Dam projects along the Ohio River in the East, The Pentagon, and Michigan's Mackinac Bridge to name a few.

Our production of self drilling rock bolt has increased progressively to cover the national and foreign markets due to the competitiveness level reached by our company after both the continuous technology innovation and the experience made in the field during these past years.

Sinorock self drilling rock bolt can be used as a choice for pre-tensioned anchors in loose or collapsing soils without the need for a casing. A free length must be installed onto the anchor if the project specifications call for a pretension load to be applied from the bond length. Please consult with a Sinorock specialist for suggestions to properly attach a free length sleeve. Note to Designer: Consult with Sinorock for an appropriate level of corrosion protection if prestressed ground anchors are intended to be used for a permanent application.