Detection tires to ensure travel safety

The weather gets warmer and it is a good time traveling by car. Before driving tour, we must be done to understand condition, advance maintenance. We can get some basic points for our car’s maintenance from China ring gear supplier when we buy a new car.


First, pay attention to tire testing and maintenance, to ensure driving safety and comfort, the role of the tire can not be ignored, or the self-test routine checks when you should be performing seasonal maintenance, projects include. Check tires have drum kits, crack, cut, puncture and abnormal wear buying from flywheel wholesale in China, the above phenomenon must stop using, ask professionals for testing and replacement. Regularly check the tire tread groove depth, to ensure that their depth is greater than 1.6 mm, or should replace them with new tires, because excessive wear of the tires will produce sports performance, hydroplaning, and many other dangers.


Check whether there are irregular tire wear surface, due to the drive wheels, the steering wheels are mounted in different positions, the force is different, suffered tire wear unevenly, in order to prevent abnormal vibration, noise generation, extend tire life, and should be properly tire rotation.