Metis is committed to the goal of sustainable development

 Metis is committed to the goal of sustainable development

The self drilling anchor systems range includes self drilling anchor system,self drilling anchor bolt,self drilling rock bolt,self drilling hollow anchor,self drilling anchor and so on.

Metis is committed to the goal of sustainable development and research of anchoring products. We balance social, environmental and economic considerations in how we manage our business. 

We believe that operating to leading standards of health, safety and environmental management and engaging with our stakeholders in two-way, open dialogue enhances our business reputation and is a source of competitive advantage.

We comply in full with the laws and regulations governing our business and conduct regular internal and external audits of our businesses and operations to assure compliance with our business principles, policies and standards.

We aim to construct a safe workplace that is injury free, and to enhance the well-being of employees, sub contractors and visitors.

We provide visible safety leadership, and appropriate leadership development and training at every level;

We engage and maintain a positive safety culture, behavior, and awareness;

We provide safe work systems and occupational health and hygiene programs;

We report, manage and learn from injuries, illnesses and high potential incidents.

If you have any question please don't feel any hesitate to contact us at any time,we have professional service team to provide perfect drilling solutions and anchoring measures,we warmly welcome all the groups to communicate and visit,here are experienced team waiting for you!

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