Call of Duty - Black Ops

After another year of controversy and a a lot of extra media coverage we're back again at the disposal of Treyarch, usually from the shadow of their "bigger brother" Infinity Ward using the hottest franchise of the moment, Cod. We discover out if the new approach, and setting, can invigorate a string that some are losing faith in. While using discharge of Modern Warfare 1, we were treated to the invention of a new game, a long way away from exactly what the Call of Duty group of fans was adopted to and also a re-invention from the IP Activision had created. Ditching the WW2 setting we were treated to a different direction, maintained by a revolutionary multiplayer experience and an explosive single player narrative that Hollywood could have been satisfied with. After that both Infinity Ward and Treyarch have been given the reins to the title, each looking to outperform an original in every way, with sales only growing with each and every release. Does Black Ops continue the trend?

In short, yes. Call of Duty: Black Ops provides more of the regulars are employed to. Normally the series continues to be built on two components, an interesting, cinematic single player experience offering thrills and spills one minute, in addition to a simple but effective multiplayer, offering even the most rookie Xbox user an exciting exposure to action and replayability aplenty. The one player in Black Ops shows a fresh direction Treyarch have. A far more story driven campaign triumphs over the "good guy versus bad guy" regime we're so accustomed to plus a fresh pair of locations helps update this to build an enticing campaign using a passible, or else slightly predictable ending. The settings are gorgeous and well rendered, while using trademark Call of Duty 60 feet per second graphics running as fluid as you would come to anticipate from the series now. Set pieces come thick and fast, with Treyarch mixing up the action from leading your squad through a snowstorm with their objective in the eyes of your spy plane high over the clouds to storming enemy trenches together with your fellow soldiers. Although well-presented however, it could possibly sometimes feel as though you might be simply playing for getting derived from one of explosive set piece to another, led along with the linearity the series is so familiar with nowadays. If played on the easiest setting the campaign is not going to require much time to complete, if started up to the highest difficulty however (that is Veteran for your hardcore) players will discover a marked increase in the velocity and accuracy enemy AI will kill you and some sections will require much more patience, something which can be frustrating with the less versed inside series that happen to be simply seeking exactly what to boost their Gamerscore, specially when the friendly AI is very slow to interact the enemy or simply just reply to your movements. Understandably but it surely gives an engaging and also at times excruciatingly exciting single player experience that keeps the ball player pushing for that end result.

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