How To Ship And Frame Watercolor Paintings

Just what is the 6 ways to ship and store watercolour paintings? I always ship my watercolour paintings flat, never rolled. To roll a painting, especially when it can be on thick watercolour paper can easily damage it making it problematical to border properly. Regardless of the length of time a painting is retracted for either - Top class post may possibly go on a day what for anyone who is out when they get it and yes it gets taken back to your depot and stored for just a week simply uses pick it up? Changes in temperature since the painting is distributed may cause the painting to contract and expand. Shipping a painting flat usually takes more effort and value a tad bit more in the packing and postage however it is worth every penny to be certain a customer received their new artwork within the most beneficial condition. If you're an buyer always request that a performer ships a watercolour flat. Should you purchase a painting or print that may be shipped rolled in a tube unroll and lay it out to flatten it as soon while you receive it.

Framing your painting

Never store your paining rolled in a very tube. Within some time stored this way it's going to be impossible to flatten correctly. Standard size paintings and prints can be slipped in to a standard frame and hung immediately, this is an excellent temporary measure nevertheless the most important is usually to bring your new art to a framer and have it professionally mounted and framed. It costs a bit more but the effect and also the usage of archival acid free materials will preserve your painting the very best way and become more than worth it ultimately. For watercolour paintings it's also wise to question framing using special Perspex or Glass that omits UV rays. This tends to stop your painting from fading and also help stay it pristine condition as long as possible. An established framer should also seal the back of the frame in order that bugs, dust and moisture cannot get right to the picture.

Whenever your painting is framed be sure to hang it somewhere the location where the conditions is not going to damage the painting. Tend not to hang it over a radiator or any other method to obtain heat, and it's also best to never hang original works in bathrooms or places with high moisture.

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