Potential of Online Grocery Shopping & Online Grocery Store in Gurgaon

Potential of Online Grocery Shopping & Online Grocery Store in Gurgaon

Grocery retailers has found an innovative platform to ride on. That is - taking grocery shopping to internet medium and making it a lot easier for consumers to come on and shop there. This is saving efforts and resources for people with easy availability of their needed groceries at the door-step. This way of grocery shopping is benefiting both, the retailers and consumers. As retailers have found a new source of revenue while consumers are getting their required groceries at the comfort of their home. As is the case with online grocery store in Gurgaon.   

Online grocery shopping is suiting best to the ultra busy lifestyle of today's people. This new and growing trend is opening wide opportunities for grocers. Also, online grocery store in Gurgaon is doing the same.  

As online grocery has huge potential so retailers and manufacturers are planning to take advantage of it. The factors of – large and wide marketing and consumers' overwhelming response – have increased online grocery sales to 5-6 times grater than conventional channels.

A study defines this scenario as “Capturing the Online Grocery Opportunity”.

Now, online grocery shopping is becoming a usual activity for most of the shoppers. Even, its ratio is higher than other segment. Seeing this, the same category is expected to grow at the pace of 15-18% in the coming time. This way, online grocery shopping is going to be a key source of growth for both, the retailers and consumer-packaged-goods manufacturers.

Have a look at the highlights out of the study done on online grocery shopping.
Consumers age between 25-34 years comprise 37% of the total. This is the greatest percentage of shoppers who buy groceries online
Online shoppers use both, the website and app, for online grocery shopping
Still there is a good count of consumers who say that they don't buy groceries online thinking it costs more than local shops
About 1/3 of the total survey respondents say they would do more online grocery shopping if are offered convenient check out and quick reorder items.
Also, the same respondents say they would shop more for online grocery if are guaranteed quality and freshness of the products.      

With shoppers gaining experience, traditional barriers in form of concerns about freshness of food stuffs are wearing away.

This is a big sign that grocery retailer are balancing the traditional and online capabilities.