Tie Bars and Clip on Ties

Getting Tied to Tie Bars

The corporate world has its snobs. They frown on men who put on clip on ties and they can spot 1, and these are usually the poor guys who hide behind flashy tie bars. Anyway, if the corporate snobs know the guidelines, they have to concede that the office routine is not a $2000 plate occasion but a less formal occasion worthy of easier necktie knots.

Well, men can be lazy. To fuss over a tie knot and waste valuable minutes doing and undoing a knot is a problem males do not want to bother with every morning. So why sweat needlessly when they can speed this up by using clip on ties with matching tie slides or bars.

Another reason for their dependence on clip on ties, although they will not admit it, is the strange reality that they cannot master the elaborate half Windsor knot, which is done by creating an additional loop prior to filling up the tie's broad end prior to doing the final cinch knot.

Skinny tie bar clip

Tie Knots That Knot You Up

There are varied ways to knot your necktie ranging from the basic to the complex. What ever knot you choose should go nicely with the fabric. You may use tie bars, tie tacks or tie pins to improve the look of your necktie. The simpler knots are:
* 4-in-hand
* Double Simple
* Small knot
* Half Windsor

The complex ones are:
* Complete Windsor
* Cross knot

The Windsor knot honors the Duke of Windsor who began the trend of using wider knots for nicely-spaced collars. Thicker materials and custom-produced shirts can accommodate this heavy triangular knot. Tie bars for this type of fabric are thicker and stronger. Fortunately, this knot is not mandatory for workplace or you'll tension your self out before you perfect that straight necktie look with that superb knot between the collars.

The Cross knots also take five actions and when completed shows a cross on the knot, a smart finish. It appears simple to do but you have to observe each detail. Keep on practicing doing these knots until you can do it with your eyes closed or in your sleep. Your tie bars can wait.

necktie clip

But tie bars have a more essential role to play than just maintaining your tie straight. It prevents your tie from being gobbled up by the paper shredder. The tie bar clips your neckties to your shirt so there's no danger of both ends getting into the maw of the shredder. Tie bars can also maintain silk ties in place even when there is a strong gust of wind, keeping you searching cool and glam in any weather.