Applying for Symbiosis Centre of Health Care

Applying for Symbiosis Centre of Health Care

The Symbiosis Centre For Healthcare is a unique initiative under the Symbiosis umbrella that is dedicated to the cause of improving the standards of healthcare in the society. Literally transforming the meaning of health is wealth, the institute offers a PG diploma in hospital management, post graduate diploma in medico legal systems, health insurance management as well as other diploma programs in various specialisations. These include diploma in health care management and diploma in clinical research. Each of the programs are specifically developed to cater to the needs of healthcare sector. The primary focus of the programs is to prepare the students for their career as responsible health care professionals.

How to apply?

Application for the programs conducted by Symbiosis Center for Health Care is on a direct basis. Those interested can get in touch with the admission cell and here is where you get all the details. However, students need to stay tuned to for all details on when the admissions open for each course.

Career boost

The Symbiosis tag on your CV is what makes all the difference. Being a recognised institute a degree from Symbiosis helps you make the most of the opportunities available. When you walk out with a degree from this college, a guarantee is that you will get the best possible career opportunities. Even over the other applicants, you have an edge because the training and way of teaching at Symbiosis is what prepares them for a rewarding career.


When it comes to training, Symbiosis is known to adhere to the highest standards. The faculty from some of the leading health care service providers is invited to conduct lectures ensuring that students are able to get best possible training. In terms of class room teaching, Symbiosis leaves no stone unturned. However, the emphasis is also practical training. Students are encouraged to learn through internships and interface programs that keep them abreast with the latest trends in the industry.

Recreation and wellness

If the students are expected to mature into reliable healthcare professionals, it is important that they learn to care for their health. At SCHC, students are encouraged to adapt to a fit and healthy way of life. Therefore, there are all the required arrangements to ensure ample recreation and wellness facilities on the campus. As part of the training, SCHC believes in helping propagate the culture of a fit and healthy living. Students regularly conduct training sessions and seminars that help them broaden their thinking horizons and understand the dynamicity of the health care sector.

Career opportunities

When it comes to a career as a healthcare professional, the choices are many and so students are advised to choose what best meets their requirements. For instance, working as a paramedic or a hospital manager are all lucrative career options when you step out with the qualification from reputed institutes like SCHC. So, go ahead and apply to SCHC today! Your lucrative career opportunity is waiting for you!