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New Mobile Phones - High Tech Phones With Amazing Features Nokia 6303 classic is a cool cellular phone with superior performance and all round features at an affordable price range. Available in black and silver, the 6303 is perfectly designed for fashion fiestas who desire various cellular phone facilities at a price they could pay. You can tune in to music and take pictures if you are mobile. However, a high level tech geek and wish nothing less than an 8 Megapixel camera, then Nokia 6303 classic isnt your option. The stylish 6303 classic comes with complete set of present day mobile features with all the right size of 108.8x46.2x11.7mm and weight of 96g. The 6303 classic comes in steel or matt black. The brand new HTC ChaCha smartphone is HTCs attempt for capturing the QWERTY fans from Blackberry. HTC have come on extreme measures because they started making unbranded phones for that big mobile network retailers along with the ChaCha is yet another step further and it shows precisely how far they attended not only in producing excellent and powerful smartphones and also introducing a new revolutionary "Facebook Button." As the name suggests, Motorola Defy+ is upgraded from the original Defy model. Tech aficionados will be pleased to realize that its speed is due to the 1 GHz OMAP 3620 processor which is 25% faster than its predecessor. Additionally, Defy+ runs on the new Android 2.3 platform, bringing the newest web-services and multimedia experience to users. The internal storage capacity in the phone is 2 GB and 512 MB RAM. Users may add numerous applications with this particular feature. Playing 3D games wouldnt be a difficulty for Motorola Defy+ due to its 854 x 480 graphics resolution. Therefore effortlessly this it really is worlds first phone with high quality continuous auto-focus 720p video recording. On the other hand interface, easy web access, security is simply a little bit of stuff that usually are not well looked after in Sony Ericsson Vivaz. However, the ergonomic curvy design is very appealing with an advantage. Also the phone is not a discounted gadget, although its back cover might give opposite illusion. But anyways Vivaz is a great one of Sonys incredible technology craft. The Beats Audio permits you to to toggle the settings from the sound you would want to hear as soon as you pump up the degree or ramp up the sound. The Beats Audio System increases the user full control of Recommended Reading continue reading this visit the site the sound that they want their music to possess. Your listening experience should never be a similar again since you have control from the sound you wants to have.