On the Lookout for Outlook to Apple Mail?

If you are looking for converting Outlook to Apple Mail then you must consider an automated converter that guarantees the safety of your data while it converts every bit of data in your Outlook account most exactly at a fast speed. And if you are a corporate then you must choose a converter that has the capability to hold massive mail and work effortlessly with it.


An Expert Tool to Convert Outlook PST to Apple Mail


An expert tool in both these areas is digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool. This is one impressive tool that comes with the guarantee of best Outlook PST to Apple Mail conversion and a free trial tool as safe as the full version.


The Advantages of Importing Outlook to Mac Mail with Digital Tweaks


o   Safety

Apple Mail Import Tool keeps the data totally safe and secure, making sure that you get your results without nay data leakage or corruption.


o   Speed

Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool is a speedy way to convert Outlook to Apple Mail. it surpasses every standard tool in speed and delivers results 50 times faster than the same.


o   Accuracy

Accuracy is the hallmark of an efficient conversion tool like Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool. It makes sure that the results are accurate. It relies for this guarantee in its algorithm that is backed by Unicode conversion.


o   Completeness

Apple Mail Import Tool renders complete results. It is sure to include the conversion of the address book, the metadata, the attachments, the calendar, etc. Thus, the tool is a complete one.


o   Compatibility

The tool is entirely compatible with all the versions of Mac OS X, thus making it very useful to be used by owners of all sorts of Macs. You can simply copy the Outlook files to your Mac and import them at ease.  http://www.digitaltweaks.com/apple-mail-import-tool/