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Ameristar National Signing Services - View website 5 STAR rated among Clients & Vendors. Our goal is to provide the “Best of the Best”. If you are interested in becoming a Notary Signing Agent to facilitate loan closings for the mortgage finance industry, this practical guide will answer many common questions. This requirement applies to everyone handling loan documents including Notaries who act as signing agents. With NotaryPro™, you have the fastest path to timely & accurate loan signings anywhere in the U.S. In addition to your Notary seal and journal, signing agents will need reliable transportation to get to assignments, a mobile phone and email for communication with signers and companies that hire them, and a printer and fax machine to print loan documents and fax completed loan documents if required. I too am interested in becoming a mobile notary but I found that in our state you are only allow to charge a small fee to notarize papers. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me any time. posted March 01, 2004 10:41 PM     Ohhh!

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Soliciting.he Wrong Title Companies Another ineffective way that a less experienced notary attempts to gain title company work is to solicit the most seemingly obvious: locally owned and operated title companies within the notary’s service area. Check out: Tips on getting paid . As a result, notary signing agents are eager to solicit title companies. It is often the custom of title companies and document preparation workers to include on the deed of trust/mortgage instruments where the document should be returned once it is recorded. Mobile Notaries/ Certified Signing Agents available 24/7 365 Over 35,000 Certified Signing Agents Nationwide. However I want to make sure I have done as much research on it as I can and get certified so they don't feel like I am riding on their shirt tails...people can be funny about stuff like that. :0 Thanks again and I am sure I will be in touch! Our national database provides quality driven, pre-screened, and experienced closers for all of your signing needs. Notary laws differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and may be interpreted or applied differently depending on your states statutes or situations. A title company is usually who hires you. Or is this two separate issues?

After your name is listed in the California Notary Directory, we will promote your signing business to various companies looking to hire notaries in California. posted April 26, 2004 02:24 PM     Awww Thank you so much! The signing service keeps the difference and rather than receiving the entire $150.00 directly from the title company, the notary is offered between $65 and $125.00 of that entire amount. There are ways to improve the chances of working directly for the title company. The first few months were quite rough, because companies didn't know me yet. The clerks in these offices will direct the notary where to find the most recently recorded deeds of trust or mortgages. Therefore, we call CSA notaries first when searching for an agent. I've been doing signings for 9 months now.