Why? - Search-engines

What is a search engine?

Here I am likely to determine the Search-engine with respect of two view as given below :

1. In the respect of Visitor (Who want getting best results)

2. In the respect of Internet site (Who want make best results)

In-the respect of visitorthe Search engines permit to their people to enter a specific word or term, called keywords. Once published, all pages containing those keywords that may be within the search engine's index are shown on the search engine result pages. I found out about linklicious.me by searching webpages.

In the respect of websitewho wants list to search engine a search engine is just a internet site such as Google on which people may search for other web sites on the Web. To read additional information, please consider looking at: does linklicious work. If you think anything at all, you will possibly wish to research about is linklicious good. Search engines don't include sites manually, but have an automated 'search engine spiders' that 'crawls' the internet through links. If your site has just one single connect to it, it'll fundamentally be found and indexed in a search-engine. The definition of 'search engine' is often used generically to describe both crawler-based search engines and human-powered directories.