A Radio Controlled Quadcopter Design and style Accomplishment Story

Fundamental Configuration

This was an easy decision. Because this was going to be my first multirotor, I threw out the concept of a 6 or eight motor design suitable away. There's already too much complexity in even a very simple design. No will need to create the job any harder! I was going to keep it genuinely easy and then go on from there.

Tricopters happen to be quite effective. But I truly hate the idea with the yaw (directional) stabilization servo in the back. I see it as a weak point. Just like a classic helicopter, it is actually an additional weak point susceptible to mechanical failure.

So in the finish the decision was effortless. I went with a quadcopter design. This is a really straightforward design and style where the motors are spinning counter-rotating propellers.

Flight Controller

I knew that deciding upon the flight controller necessary to come subsequent. After all, quadcopters replace mechanical parts with gyros. Should you think of it, it can be definitely just like a pc game!

I'm a terrible helicopter pilot. I can barely manage a coaxial beginner's helicopter. Having the ability to use a flight controller was a large a part of the appeal of a multirotor platform.

The simpler flight controllers only have angular price of turn sensors. These sensors are what we get in touch with gyros. They are able to sense if you are turning, but that is certainly all.

A function that I genuinely wanted the flight controller to have was accelerometers. An accelerometer can tell in which direction is down by measuring the acceleration as a consequence of gravity. With this auto leveling feature I can let go of the manage sticks when I get into difficulty and it's going to bring it back to perfectly level attitude. This was crucial to me!

Quad Frame

Next I needed to choose what the frame was going to look like. The size in the motors was determined by the size with the frame and also the payload. In other words, the size in the camera I wanted to utilize was a essential aspect to how robust the quad required to be.

What material to utilize for the frame? Carbon? Aluminum? Fiberglass? We always want to make use of the very best initially, but reality soon sets in.

I watched the video of yet another quadcopter created out of wood that flew beautifully. Wood was affordable and robust sufficient to meet my desires, and it only expense about $5!

There are lots of strategies to build the frame. It would take far also extended to describe all the decisions I had to produce. We need to have to the flying!

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