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  • Mortgage Broker mortgages granted by banks (or bank loans) are mostly mortgages, but there are other types such as loan restructuring granted when you finance renovation works; the liquidity loan that is a mortgage without a binding target somewhere between a mortgage loan and a personal loan, be requested by the owner of a property is not mortgaged offered to secure the loan; the unsecured loan, the mortgage subrogation.

Often the amount of real estate Flexible Pay Credit loans reached a certain level that normally never exceed a certain amount of money such that the annual repayment is equal to at most 30% of the income of the applicant. This means that if the borrower has an annual income of 100 can not obtain loans whose repayments exceed the annual cost of 30: the maximum amount payable is then calculated from the amount of the repayment installment. Use our calculator to make the calculation of mortgage payments and determine what is the maximum amount financed for you; then compare mortgages online and request your mortgage more in line with your maximum amount financed.