PGA Head: We'll Be "Healthy" Without Tiger

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PGA Commissioner Tim Finchem told CBS News Thursday that he supports Tiger Woods' decision to take a break from the PGA.

"If he's out for an extended period of time, we're going to have a solid year," Finchem said. "We're going to have a solid year. It's going to allow other players to become stars, so we're really healthy, and we're going to be healthy."

But, he added, "there's no question we're going to miss the presence of the number one athlete on the globe." "Tiger spikes the ratings when he plays."

About Tiger's troubles , Finchem said, "he's gotta deal with these issues effectively - and then deal with the fans."

"I want him back. Don't get me wrong, don't want to sugarcoat this, I want him back, we all want him back. He makes our sport healtheir, he makes our sport grow," Finchem told CBS News. "But as he's out, we'll be healthy."

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