The Orangemen will be more of a home

Chinese Football Association announced FIFA confirmation August 20, the Chinese Football Association officially announced the FIFA World Cup on the buy cheap Fifa 16 Coins road against the Maldives national football battle confirmation replacement venue, the game Sept. 8 will be determined in Shenyang.Since the Maldives home turf damage and unable to host the game, therefore, September 8 Orangemen's game away to the Maldives will be held in Shenyang change Buy Fifa 16 Coins.

This also means that the national football will usher in a row at home for two consecutive FIFA World Cup in September 3 and 8, and March next year's game at home against the Maldives still will be in Wuhan, the Orangemen will be more of a home.According to FIFA official confirmation of microBo Chinese football point of view, the national football kickoff time of the game Maldives is also determined to 19:35 GMT September 8 evening, the venue is the Shenyang Olympic Sports Center Stadium.

According to the national football schedule, September 3 teams will face Hong Kong in Shenzhen, China, the 4th team will directly north of Shenyang to prepare for the game with the Maldives.  The first meeting of FIFA is reform committee will be held in the Swiss capital Chung Mong joon was the FIFA investigation donation case Fifa 16 Coins.