Books toys for Germany children

Germany is a country full of literary flavor. This country has a lot of philosophers, thinkers, writers and poets. German people generally believe that only books toys from toys manufacturer in China and reading can give success to their country, therefore, their children first toy is not novelty toys, the entire toy, but books.


I was shocked when I first got this news. However, it is this countries’ culture and we should approve it. In contrast, Germany people may have the same feeling when we buy lot of toys, like toys car from remote control toys supplier for our kids. Chinese people feel that deep-rooted, toys are child childhood mentor, to accompany the children grow up, exercise the child's physical and moral. However, in Germany, children get the first toy must be books. Because the atmosphere, amenities, and culture has been formed in Germany, so that more than 70% of people like reading.


With the steps of globalization, we should accept different cultures when we get the fresh blood in our mind. Now we can get that there are not only real toys from China novelty toys wholesale online, we can get something else as our kids’ toys.