The Escort Passport 8500 - Generating Your Driving Easier

Escort has been identified for its incomparable radar detectors for several years now. Their Passport detectors are typically classified as the greatest radar detectors in the enterprise. An outstanding example of this is the Escort Passport 8500 radar detector.

The Escort Passport 8500 gives advanced digital signal processing which can be reprogrammed. To read more, please view at: data logic distributor. It will also permit you to customize your detector to suit your needs. This radar detectors has a really clever auto sensitivity mode, which automatically reduces false alarms. And what makes this all the much better is that it reduces these false alarms better than other radar detectors.

Several shoppers buy the Escort Passport 8500 simply because of its look. It has a sleek modern day style that is pleasing on the eyes. It has an appealing design, which is clothed with platinum sheet metal.

The Escort Passport 8500 radar detector has the following function:

It has a 360 degree radar and laser coverage

It offers POP3, K & Ka, L, X, K, and Photo detection.

It has a VG-two alert that makes the Escort 8500 invisible to majority of radar detectors.

It has mute button and LED indicator light.

It has an adjustable brightness and sound.

It has a bar graph LED signal strength meter.

It has a Spec Display, which displays numerical digital readouts.

It has an automobile mute, which turns the sound off soon after making alerts.

It has the ability to detect eight signals at 1 time.

This radar detector permits you to detect upto, two Ka, 2K bands and up to four X bands.

It has a extremely comprehensive owners manual.

It comes with built-in customizable settings. More Information is a compelling online library for new resources concerning the reason for this concept. This function allows you to update your Escort Passport 8500 when new radar technologies becomes readily available.

It also has a nighttime function.

Unlike other radar detectors, the Escort 8500 alerts you to radar threats by means of a beep, which becomes a lot more persistant as you get closer to the radar signal.

The Escort also comes with a very simple to read red colored LED display. Identify further on our partner paper - Click here: data logic devices. A blue LCD display is readily available, although it will expense you 40 dollars or much more added.

You can order the Escort Passport 8500 via world wide web suppliers or any neighborhood mobile electronics outlet..