Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic H77696793 Men’s Watch

Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic H77696793 Men’s Watch

Drift angle! Now what is that and do we, the regular urban crowd can make use of it? So when you state the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic H77696793 Men’s Watch helps to measure the said drift-angle, many of us are going to stare blank. You don’t need to calculate and record the crosswinds while driving to work. There are some – though not many - who fly to work but then again, they don’t fly on their own. Why do you need to own the Khaki X-Wind, then?


The Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic H77696793 Men’s Watch is the first watch in history to do so; that’s why. The drift angle is the angle between heading (the direction along which an aircraft moves) and its actual track (the route along which it’s supposed to travel); if you can make use of that while travelling through road-less lands in a car, it’s your credit. Then, perhaps, you need this Khaki X-Wind automatic.


Despite all that, most will go for the Hamilton Jazzmaster Quartz due to its stylish, rugged look. An innovative chronograph feature is also its forte and a large number shall also fall for that. However, real aviators shall find it a lot more useful and utilitarian due to its overall accuracy and useful functions (like the air speed scale around the outer rim); they are essential to ensure a smooth, trouble-free flight.


Whether you tend to be drawn more by aesthetically pleasing features or by those considered technically correct, the Hamilton Valiant Automatic X-Wind Automatic H77696793 Men’s Watch brings together the best of both the aspects. A flight of fancies and fashionable flurries of flawless functions aside, the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind is for anyone intrepid who likes adventure and just picks a direction when caught by wanderlust. At 44.5mm, with the textured crown on its left side, it looks anything but your normal, everyday watch. Even the chronograph is more advanced than what you find in most other watches; the sub-dials offer 60-seconds, 30-minutes and 12-hour counts, a rare phenomenon amongst watches with mechanical movements. But then again, that’s why it’s Hamilton, offering such costly and higher-end affairs within an affordable price. Even with the workhorse ETA Valjoux 7750 nested within, it comes many times lower than that of the price of other Swiss watches. Take a peep through its exhibition case-back, a crystal with a unique shape.


With its rose/pink gold and black combination, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Traveler stands as a perfect mix of masculinity and playful casualness that gives your persona a sporty lift. If you ever wanted to exhibit your bold side without going out of the classy and tasteful boundaries, the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic H77696793 men’s watch brings you the chance to do so.


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