What Are Some Of The Best Home Remedies For Bed Bugs?

What Are Some Of The Best Home Remedies For Bed Bugs?

If you have found bed bugs in your home, finding a way to get rid of them is important. However, you may not want to pay the expensive fee for an exterminator, and you may not want to buy products that are too expensive either. Luckily, there are some home remedies that will help you get rid of bed bugs, but you must be persistent and continuously use these remedies until you notice that they are no longer there.


One of the home remedies for bed bugs includes sprinkling borax around the home. It is known to kill a variety of insects, especially these annoying critters that feast upon human blood at night and even sometimes during the day. If you have children who live in the home with you, spreading borax around on the floors is not a good idea, but it is effective if there are only adults who live inside of a pet-free property.


Heat is a natural method that kills bed bugs. You can walk around with a steamer in your hand and place it in the direction of the bed bugs. They will begin dying off because they cannot stand the excessive heat. It is also wise to put your clothes in the dryer after you wash them just to make sure you kill off anything that could be lingering around on your stuff.




Spraying the furniture and floors with tea tree oil helps too. The tea tree oil is natural yet strong and effective enough to start killing those little insects one by one. As they begin dying, you might want to start vacuuming them up right away. With these home remedies for bed bugs, you may be able to remove the insects from your home without spending a lot of money or stressing out too much.