Kindergarten Activities on the Letter T

Teaching Letter T with Kids' Alphabet ActivitiesDesigning an early childhood lesson plan for the letter T that doesn't include a variety of games, activities, and crafts is sure to be a disaster. Hold student's attention for longer with these letter T activities for preschoolers, kindergartners, and toddlers.Letter T Lesson Plans: Learning About Trains

Trains and locomotives are an ever-popular subject with toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. Use that fascination to build interest and understanding of the letter T. Emphasize the letter T sound in the word "train" and read a picture book like Trains by Gail Gibbons [Holiday House: 1987.] In the dress up area, provide a train conductor outfit and provide several big boxes to arrange like train cars.

Glue Toothpicks on the Letter T

A good kindergarten and preschool letter T recognition activity is decorating a capital T with toothpicks. Provide an outline of the letter, school glue, and plenty of toothpicks. Toothpicks are fairly hard to handle so be prepared to help younger children who may get frustrated.

Tooth and Dental Hygiene Lesson Plan

Consider a short personal personal hygeine unit about how to properly brush and care for teeth. If possible, ask a dentist or dental hygienist visit the class to demonstrate with a model of teeth and a toothbrush. Hand out printable coloring pages of teeth or the tooth fairy. Read The Tooth Book by Dr. Suess [Random House: 2000] and work on reading comprehension by making a list of ways to keep teeth healthy and things to avoid.

Letter T Crafts: Turning a T into a Tree

Draw the outline of capital T on a tall sheet of paper. Kids can color it brown and effectively transform it into a tree by wrapping tissue paper squares around a pencil and sticking them around the top for puffy leaves. Use shades of green for a summer tree, or fall colors for an autumn tree. This craft encourages alphabet recognition, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

Hold a Kindergarten Letter T Taste Test Contest

Taste is another great word that starts with T. Taste is one of the five senses that is used to find out about the world. Have kids take turns doing a blindfolded taste test with small slices or pieces of food. Children who get bored can remove their blindfold and instead arrange their remaining taste test foods into the shape of a capital or lowercase letter T.

Teaching the letter T to toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergartners requires a creative, hands-on approach to keep them interested. Inserting some of these unique ideas might spice up the classroom routine and get kids more excited about learning the alphabet letter T.

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