Black hair care products I can use to help my 15month old daughter's hair grow

Natural hair products are the best route. Alot of hair products, so they say are good, are not really good for a baby's hair. If you look at the ingredients on the label its like 1,000 different things right!?... Not good. Look for things like sodium chloride which will let you know it's a no no. Findind a natural oil or grease and keeping it braided and not messing with it alot will make it grow. Think about it... Look at people with dreds. How does their hair grow so long? Because they use natural products such as bees wax and don't mess with their hair they just let it grow. Alto of combign and putting alot of pony tails and balls etc in your baby's hair is only irritating stopping it from growing and breaking it off. Try braids without beads. Trust me.