Dental Care - How To Escape the Dentist

To keep your teeth in perfect condition it's better, despite all the advices, to brush by hand then with an electrical brush, I developed a highly perfected brushing technique, that always ensures constant and perfect results.

The rules:

Brush always at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking. Eating and drinking lowers the acidity in your mouth, which makes your teeth vulnerable for little damages due to brushing forces;Keep your brush always clean and renew it two times a year. Use only soft to medium brushes, hard brushes easily damage your teeth. Only buy the best quality brushes like for example "Oral B";Apply approximately 1 cm toothpaste on your brush and spread this first entirely on all your teeth, so that the fluorine already starts to work and any acidity in your mouth gets quicker neutralized;Brush first the four chewing surfaces in the longitudinal direction with gentle force. Make only small gentile to and fro movements, long movements are too rude and less effective;Then start to brush gently the lateral surfaces in small circles, keeping your brush partly on your gums and partly on your teeth. Keep the tooth brush loosely in your hand and apply only very little pressure. The direction of the circular motion is very important; look on the picture how to do this. It is to ensure you massage your gums towards your teeth, to avoid rising gums. Besides this, circular movements ensure the best brushing results, similar with the polishing of metals. To perfect the skills to make this circular motions takes a few weeks of practice. Make sure you give every tooth attention;Repeat step 5. at least two times, preferably three times. To do this well all together step 5. takes you at least two or three minutes;Brush your chewing surfaces in the transverse direction, to clean the slots between the chewing surfaces of the teeth;Finish your job with cleaning your tongue with your brush, stick your tongue out as far as you can and clean it thoroughly. Your tongue is a favourite place for anaerobe bacteria, that causes bad breath; Keep perfecting your techniques with attention and dedication. If you discover new facts, you can share this in the comment field;The whole brushing job takes all together at least four minutes.

Some dentists give advice to hold your brush under an angle around 45. It is claimed to be helpful to remove plaque under your gums. My advice is to keep your brush partly on your gums and partly on your teeth in a more natural way. It will result in a little angle which is enough to give the best results. Perfecting the circular motion and to get a good feeling for the massaging action of the brush and to find the perfect pressure is far more important. Keep in mind; good brushing takes real concentration and dedication.

You can print this Hub to study it while brushing. Remember good dental care has a positive influence on your entire body health.