New and latest strategy in Pixel Advertising

New and latest strategy in Pixel Advertising

While tv advertisers are struggling to defeat Tivo and get people to actually look at their adverts, a new variety of fast growing media may be precisely what theyve been seeking.

The new media that could save yourself the time for advertisers trying to recapture lost readers is called pixel adverts. Pixel adverts are observed on web sites that offer micro-ads sized in 10 by 10 pixel increments. The ads are placed on the pixel advertising sites website and connect to the web sites of the various promoters.

This can be a domain of InnovativePixelPage( ) a leading micro-ad site. Pixel based adverts originally conceived of by Alex Tew of the UK, became popular with the start of Tews Million Dollar Homepage ( in early September and catering to primarily European businesses and consumers. But US-BASED advertisers had nowhere to go until the arrival of InnovativePixelPage.

Pixel ad sites like MDH and InnovativepixelPage are actually attracting 1000s of visitors everyday who come with their sites just to look at the ads, while television and other so called main-stream media advertisers are desperately trying to make ads that will be viewed by consumers at all.

In-fact average visitors to examine no less than 4 - 5 marketers with each visit. In-fact, some publishers report doubling their web visitors in a matter-of days along with greatly increased income.

The micro-ads are intriguing for their small size. I found out about by browsing the Internet. Generally curiosity forces one to examine them and discover what they are. This author spent about five minutes per trip to all the above websites pixeling (hanging over and hitting adverts). I added most of the sites and left the pages open so I could return and press ads I hadnt seen yet through the day. Its fully addicting. I remember having an identical addition when Tetris was released.

Pixel adverts may possibly also help many marketers achieve the popular echo-boomer generation who are once cynical and averse to advertising. To get supplementary information, we know you check out: learn about Due to their cute & cuddly and off-beat nature, pixel ads are a perfect vehicle to market to this demographic.

Chris hill, Creator of commented, 'It's a whirlwind,' referring to the numerous advertiser calls In Contact has acquired. Cefail is also surprised that, when readers click on the advertiser's advertisements, 'they are on these sites all day. This lofty pixel fire encyclopedia has a myriad of pictorial suggestions for the inner workings of it. Already, the people that bought the very first adverts are r-eporting tremendous size changes.'

Echo-boomer, artist and stone website manager Bishop Dolarhyde commented: the flow of new traffic to my site remained regular with my 2,000 pixel block that is still ALOT smaller than your average web offer. No your banner I have ever bought, even at MANY times the size, has out-performed Pixel Bay micro-ads. Im pleased to say that about half of my traffic for the very first week came from Pixel Bay. I plan on buying more small blocks to spread on the site. I am excited about other creative ways I can use these micro-ads to market my site.

To sum it up: pixel ads are great for marketers thinking about getting their ads actually viewed and a great deal of fun for consumers to discover. These micro-ads will be the potential of advertising and a win-win all around..