International Yoga Teachers Training Course

Learning the true Yoga lifestyle is about more than learning physical postures or breathing techniques. It is far beyond chanting. Yoga is “The Art of Living.” When adopted,Yoga is consciously practiced all the time. It is present in our actions... our habits... our attitudes, gestures, thoughts, emotions, feelings... basically everything. Along the way, we sleep, we wake, we eat and we relate to others and our



Because it so all encompassing, how we must learn Yoga is also very special. The teaching of Yoga is imparted from Master to Disciple, because for one to learn true Yoga, the Master must not only know Yoga theoretically and conceptually, they must themselves be a living embodiment of Yoga, as an inspiration to future Masters. The science of Yoga can only be truly acquired by experiencing it through this relationship. In India, this is why Yoga Ashrams (sacred places for Yoga learning) exist where students live and learn the Yoga lifestyle under the able and continuous guidance of a Guru. Those students will one day become Gurus themselves.


In the tradition of the original Yoga Ashram experience, we conduct special intensive Yoga course where students are fully immersed into the Yoga lifestyle under the guidance of a true Yoga Master. Pundit Ji will teach by example, imparting the teaching he received from his Master in a traditional Yoga environment. All the International Accreditation Organization like Yoga approves the Course Alliance, IYF, CYAI etc.

maha kumbh mela