FIFA president in an election next year

Chung said FIFA election the presence of rigged the danger Candidate for FIFA president Chung Mongjoon said in a statement yesterday, the election of the FIFA President dangerous "black box operation".Chung Mongjoon has repeatedly stressed that regardless of whether the new FIFA president elections can proceed as scheduled, fair and transparent reform of FIFA is to test whether the success criteria Buy Fifa 16 Coins.

Only fair and transparent elections because it may redeem the FIFA corruption scandal severely damaged reputation.The former FIFA vicepresident said in a statement: "More and more signs that the current situation is because some of the socalled information 'confidential', 'unknown message source' deteriorated election in secret operations of danger. in. "63yearold Chung is South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, the buy cheap Fifa 16 Coins controlling shareholder, former South Korean Football Association President, within any success will bring the 2002 World Cup in Korea.

FIFA president in an election next year, on February 26, the main rival Chung Mongjoon of UEFA president Michel Platini.  CONMEBOL and FIFA will audit the finances of the Bolivian Football Federation Mark Cunningham addicted to the FIFA game was terminated Fifa 16 Coins.