Silk Cashmere Yarn

Spun silk is product of silk spinning engineering. Generally spun silk is high in count from 2/50 to 2/240 with beautiful luster and gentle hand feel, which is suitable for light soft high grade knitwear or to make sewing or embroidery thread. Spun silk is generally combined in combining machine with 2 thin single yarn and be finished through other procedure so it is very smooth and clean in surface.

Cashmere is high quality natural protein fiber which was used very late and is a kind of rare special animal fiber. Cashmere is called “diamond fiber” and “soft gold” and cashmere clothes are very comfortable and flexible with excellent hygroscopicity and air breathability. It can be dressed next to skin and can promote hair follicle activity, improve blood circulation, release fatigue and healthy for body.

Silk cashmere yarn is spun by combining spun silk and cashmere, which combines the advantages of two natural protein fibers and can improve the function of knitwear. Therefore, cashmere silk product not only keeps the features of soft and luxury of cashmere but also overcome its shortage of being easy shrinking, crumply. Silk cashmere product is famous for its softness, excellent thermal ability, hygroscopicity, air breathability, and high quality. Besides its favorable price is more close to modern people’s life and value standard. That’s why silk cashmere is so popular in global fashion market especially in West Europe and North America. The most elegant and fashionable French women also love silk cashmere product very much. Each year China would export large quantity silk cashmere yarn and knitwear product to world market.