The Growing Gray Market for Mobile Accessories

Smart phones are like cars nowadays. The first priority is to flaunt them to our friends. Having a bare mobile phone is not enough to impress. That is why it is important to put add-ons and enhance its feature. With thousands of varieties of mobile accessories, as normal human being living in the current state of the modern world, we can’t get contented with just one.


It is even more important- even to the point of being a requirement- for young adults and teenagers to go with the flow of the current trending accessories. Mobile device adoption amongst youth population and continual decline of prices of mobile phones are the impetus to the growth of mobile accessory market. This proves the growing mobile market in Jakarta, Indonesia where 68% of the 200 million mobile users are young adults as well as in India where 46% of the total consumers are frequent mobile accessories’ buyers.


However, mobile phone accessories which are manufactured by known brands and licensed under appropriate telecommunications companies for quality assurance are expensive. Fortunately for practical individuals, students and middle incomers, there are already ways to procure the latest in accessories even without purchasing the costly ones.


The Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals in Taiwan introduces the gray market where everything from cute headsets and chic power banks are sold.


To make it clear, gray market is not illegal nor is its products fraud. They are considered non-counterfeit goods sold outside normal distribution channel by entities which may or may not have any relationship to the manufacturer or producer of goods. This form of parallel import frequently occurs when the price of an item is significantly higher in one country than another thus its popularity in many developing nations.


Moreover, gray markets offer even wider scope of products which attract a lot of consumers. According to reviews, 60% of the total mobile phone accessories market comprises of gray markets. There may be disparities in the growth of the industry as well complaints from legitimate manufacturers since these products oftentimes have unregulated process of transaction. Nevertheless, people are still flocking this parallel imports since it is cheaper even when it is unorganized.


There may even be dark market under it which is described as discreet legal trading which is unregulated.


Gray market is most popular during the holidays.