Conservation knowledge of colored gemstones

Talking about precious gems, we can think of animation which emits huge amounts of energy with a magical effect. Red, blue, green and so on gems are here from cubic zircon gemstones supplier. But how to make conservation for these pretty amazing gems?


First, red colored sapphire gem stone is the most vulnerable to protect. These two gems hardness, toughness moderate, stable, if not violent collisions and avoid high temperature, can be long-term wear. Meanwhile, the nature of the emerald is brittle stones, plus natural emeralds often have flaws, prone to rupture, so to avoid strong squeeze and collision. So does for the hot sale synthetic gemstones. Dip into the oil or gum to hide its flaws crack is a common approach to the emerald. Such accessories must avoid overheating. What’s more, chrysoberyl (including alexandrite and cat) is a gem hardness and toughness are good, so it is a very good man gemstone jewelry raw material.


You can get some conservation knowledge of colored gems when you read this article and next time, I believe you could get the basic ideas for the choosing of gems from colored zircon gemstones wholesale