Stereotypes say that women are often more high maintenance than men when it comes to their Wedding Day. I beg to differ. I’ve met grooms who are equally enthused about the BIG day, sometimes even more so than the bride. They’re clear on what their overall wedding will look like, and surprisingly enough, put a lot of time in to picking out the right wedding outfit. However, for those couples where the above mentioned societal stigma may ring true, below are a few basic tips to help you find that perfect suit or tuxedo.

1) Purchase vs. Rental: For some, this is a no brainer – but for many, they have no clue what to do. I’m probably only going to wear this once and then stuff it in a closet somewhere. Well, that’s not always true – so my advice is to purchase your tux. You can never go wrong, as it is tailor-made to fit you, and only you. Rental tuxedos are usually ill fitting, and let’s face it, someone else already wore it for their special day. Why should you share that with them?!

2) Custom Designed vs. Store Bought: No matter what the choice, you can’t go wrong. However, a custom designed suit is always a tad bit chicer, and just has a special touch to it. Also, if budget is an issue, note that custom designed suits can start as low as $500.

3) Corporate vs. In Style: Though your reception may take place at a venue used for meetings during the day, you should NEVER look like you’re heading to the boardroom on your BIG day. Opt for a more in style tuxedo option. Pick up the latest issue of GQ Magazine or hit up some Pinterest Boards for inspiration. Remember, have fun with your lapel!

Be sure to research local tuxedo and suit designers. It may also be a good idea to have your groomsmen custom make their suits as well. Many designers give a special price to bulk orders – and it’ll also ensure that the overall loom of your wedding party is cohesive.

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