8n Ford Tractor Parts and the Ferguson System by Fred R

Many farmers may be familiar with the history of the Ferguson three point hitch system that allowed different implements to be hooked onto tractors. The Ford N Series tractors first featured the Ferguson System in 1939, with the introduction of the 9N tractor. The 9N Ford tractor was replaced in 1941 by the 2N Autel Maxivideo MV101, which also featured the Ferguson Systems. In 1947, the 8N Ford Tractor emerged with the newest features of previous models, and Ford dropped the name Ferguson on the hitch, even though they continued to use it. This resulted in a settlement to Ferguson of 10 million in the resulting lawsuit.

Other differences in the 8N Ford Tractor was that the six lugs on the rear wheels went to eight lugs and the "Ford" logo was affixed to the hood and fenders Autolink AL619 Scanner. Another difference was the paint jobs, which was Ford medium grey on the 9N and 2N tractors, but became Ford medium grey fenders and hood, with Vermillion Red body castings on the 8N Ford Tractor. The 8N was produced until 1952, making it an antique tractor that is popular among collectors. Finding 8N Ford Tractor parts is easier than some other models of antique tractor parts.

This means it's important to determine you actually have an 8N engine, even though the body chassis is. On the other hand, just because you have an 8N engine doesn't mean you have an 8N tractor. This distinction makes a difference depending on the exact 8N Ford Tractor parts you are looking for, but you can find them easily on the Internet.

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