Be Safer With Custom Made Emergency ID Cards

You don't have to print the birth date of the child. Only state was year the were born to give an idea of how old he/she is to first responders.

Crisis ID cards printed to carry in a wallet or back pack or made in cd type can be created in the convenience of your own house. This web site, enables one to easily enter the data and add pictures to make an emergency id free of charge. The website even has a region to create ids for the pets. Whatever you have to do is sign up to use their application. I used this website to create id cards for my loved ones. I laminated them for durability and printed the card out. I made 3 copies of the cards: 1 copy is for my private records, 1 copy is for our bug out bags as well as another copy is for my kid.

Order your custom emergency id cards from

To deal with one of these unintentional separations, disaster organizations have proposed that every family have personal information for each member of your family before a calamity happens. Having this advice can help responders and medical personnel expedite the process more quickly, as well as help you get your loved one back safe and sound. Also, if you want or make your own custom made emergency id cards with any text you want, with any images you want, and in any language you want visit to use their free templates and never a minum order - get 1 card of 100 cards, it doesn't matter. It's cheap and their custom online id card maker is free to use.

The best way to create a crisis ID Card:


Thumb print (optional)

Blood type (be certain this is not incorrect)

Allergies or medical conditions


Organ donor information

Arrival year (date and leave month off for privacy concerns)

City and state of home

Stature and weight

Protecting your own personal information along with your kid's private informaiton is a must today. As a result, when creating emergency id cards, supply the vital advice just. Keep your info safe with one of these hints:

Information to Include:

Putting the card in a place that's not easily seen by strangers, including inside or a wallet keeps the card holder safe.

Just print the initial of their first name if your young child is the card holder.

Crisis information cards may be an easy solution to the problem and can fit in wallets, back packs as well as make excellent additions to the significant advice section of emergency supplies. These cards supply needed advice that may aide saving workers or first responders, and therefore are perfect for all members of a household: children, the aged, people that have serious health conditions, emotionally handicapped, and for those needing an extra layer of preparedness due to their loved ones. First responders may even come in handy during vacations and during child sleepovers, play dates.