Shipping Container Buildings

Shipping container buildings are customizable, modular structures that can be built on small budgets. We’ve posted about shipping container homes before, ranging from the positively enormous to the downright itty bitty. We recently spotted a report on DailyMail about a small but comfy looking home in Ottawa, Canada composed of three shipping containers.

We can’t advice but abatement in adulation with an off-the-grid recycled home congenital on the cheap, and this activity by 29-year-old Joseph Dupuis is the latest ambition of our affection.

Dupuis is the artist of this appropriate home in the woods. That is, if you alarm a man who makes a home out of shipment containers an architect. By day, Dupuis is an architect and renewable activity researcher, and he begin himself absent to escape the city-limits for a simpler, quieter abode to alarm home. He disconnected calm three anachronistic containers, which ahead agitated burden from Asia to North America, to accomplish a different off-grid home that didn’t amount him a lot of money.

The home isn’t affiliated to any utilities. Instead, it’s fueled by rooftop solar panels, which accomplish abundant activity to run the adjoining workshop, fabricated from two added shipment containers. A wood-fired stove and heated floors warm the place in the long Canadian winters, which can bring brutal low temps and tons of snow. Dupuis’ friend Japhet Alvarez captured the home in a series of images that inspire us to start thinking about all the homes we could build with the 17 million empty shipping containers in North America alone.