Hispanic Voters And Immigration Issues May Well Decide The American Administration

For the next year, voters will be paying attention to Republicans and Democrats: Debates, Differences and Policies. The political landscape of the U.S. is ever-changing; election and voting that the Hispanic vote may well determine the next President. Traditionally, Hispanics have voted heavily Democratic, which favors Hilary Clinton in the presidential election of 2016. However, the Republicans have three candidates that they hope will attract sufficient Hispanic voters to win: Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who are Cuban-American, and Jeb Bush, who speaks fluent Spanish and is married to a Mexican-American woman.

Democrats typically believe that it should be easy to vote, claiming that proving citizenship with a picture ID is discriminatory. Democrats want to have as many Hispanics as possible voting since this favors their party. Republicans believe that only legal U.S. citizens should vote; they dont believe that proving citizenship with a photo ID, usually a drivers license, is an unreasonable requirement.

Polls show that the key issue with Latinos is immigration. Latinos support comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship, which Democrats interpret as implementing the Presidents administrative actions which make it far easier for immigrants to become citizens and vote. Republicans generally support the established path to citizenship and voting. This presents challenges for Republican candidates who cannot win without Latino support.

Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are both young Cuban-Americans. They must walk a tight line between being "soft" enough on immigration issues to attract Hispanic voters while not losing the traditional Republican base. The real test is getting Latinos to the polls, since they tend to be young, the demographic least likely to vote.

Jeb Bush has the advantage of possessing the infrastructure that matters when its necessary to get people into the voting booth. Donald Trump, who has been leading in the polls, has the highest negatives with Latinos based on his tough policies on immigration. Some experts feel that all that Hilary Clinton has to do in order to win the election is to make no mistakes, but her scandal-plagued career is problematic.

Immigration issues have typically revolved around illegal immigrants coming over the southern border of the U.S. from Mexico. That may be changing due to the large number of refugees in Europe fleeing from ISIS and Islamic terrorism. Republicans do not want to allow many thousands of these refugees into the U.S., but support paying billions of dollars to aid them in finding homes in Europe and Islamic nations.

Republicans, and some Democrats, believe that there is no way to guarantee that terrorists would not enter the U.S. with legitimate refugees. Most Democrats support allowing easy entrance for all refugees, even when they cannot prove that they are not terrorist sympathizers. The outcome of the 2016 election will be critically important for all Americans. The democratic primary debate schedule includes four more debates: 12/19/15, 1/17/16, 2/11/16 and 3/9/16.

The republican primary debate schedule includes seven additional debates: 12/15/15, 1/28/16, 2/6/16, 2/13/16, 2/26/16, 3/10/16 and another March debate not yet scheduled.