Differences of float and ordinary glass

What the differences of ordinary plate glass and float glass are? Sometimes I believe most of us would ask about the doubt from window and door accessories suppliers china for we want to buy high quality glasses for our home decoration. Now I want to say first thing about the difference betweent them.


First, ordinary plate glass and float glass is flat glass. With the different production process, they have the different qualities. Ordinary plate glass is quartz sandstone powder, silica sand, potassium fossils, soda, Glauber's salt and other raw materials, according to a certain percentage of the preparation in door hardware wholesale China, the furnace temperature melting, cited the law or by a vertical flat Rafah, produced by calendering transparent colorless flat glass. Ordinary plate glass by the appearance of quality is divided into selected products, first-class product, and second product categories. According to the thickness, we can divide them into 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm.


I think it will give us benefits one day if we get some basic information about float glasses. At least you will know how to choose kitchen stuff when you go discount kitchen cabinet accessories wholesale China for purchasing.