Illustration Of Clip On Hair Extensions

Illustration Of Clip On Hair Extensions

Advantages of clip on extensions

Doing clip on extensions will not hurt your hair

You can free from the limitation of hair length.

You can change your hairstyle as you like. Clip on extensions can help you go through hard time when your hair is not long enough.

Clip on hair extensions can help create a sense of fluffy.

If you want big weave hairstyle, clip on extensions will help you and will not damage you hair.

Many girls may upset about their thin hair. How can they make their hair look thinker. So many people will turn to perm technology. In addition to perm your hair, you still can use clip on extensions. Here are some steps for thin hair girl to comb beautiful hair ponytails. 

Step on, you need comb your hair to a height as you want. If you have hair fringe, you don’t need tie your hair fringe.

Then you need to tie your prepared clip hair extensions with your hair. Pay attention that your clip on extensions color should be coincided with your real hair.


Next, you need adjust your real hair to cover the clip on hair extensions.

Finally, sort out the brusting hair. Then a fresh long hair ponynail finish. If you have hair fringe, you can use bangs hair sticks to create a sense of air volume

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