Reasons To Not Feel Guilty Over Leaving Your Job


It happens that when you take up a job, you weave a web of expectations from it. It can happen that all your expectations come true. Certain times it happens that your expectations turn to dust. In any of the case, there’s always a chance that you can stumble across a better opportunity and have to leave your current job. In such a case, during the end tenure an individual starts to feel guilty for leaving the job. Feeling such guilt is actually baseless.

Here are few reasons why you should be guilt free on leaving your job:


At one point you are going to grow:

Career is all about growing and developing. When opportunities strike at your door it’s completely alright to take them up. You are not doing anything wrong. Your peers and superiors also desire the growth in their career so they completely understand your decision. Even if your peers and superiors behave rigidly to you it’s probably either because they are going to miss you or they wish it was them instead of you.


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It’s a complete professional decision:

You need to have a complete professional outlook towards the situation. You can think this way that if your company had to lay you off or cut back your resources they won’t feel guilty. They wouldn’t even give a second though because that decision will help the company. Just in such a similar manner you have to take a decision that can prove helpful to glorify your career.


Guilt will ruin the happiness of your newfound job:

If you keep feeling guilty right before you take up your new job, you won’t be able to enjoy it. Probably the guilt will kill the enthusiasm of the new found opportunity.


Because you deserve the job you love:

Everyone deserves to work on a job where they can remain happy and look forward to it every day. If you come across such opportunity then take it up and live it. Instead of regretting it, focus on what you want your future to be like. Exploring opportunities is always a good thing.


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Along with the above points you should remember that when you decide to something to enhance your job prospectus, there is no room for guilt. You also might like to read : TIPS TO CHOOSE MENTOR.