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Working for a hedge fund is a fast paced, exhilarating, and high risk role that’s very much sought after. Many global macro managers use derivatives, such as futures and options, in their strategies. The ETFdb Ratings are transparent, quant-based scores designed to assess the relative merits of potential investments. You've reached the maximum number 5 of email alerts. Alpha is the gain that's truly attributable to the manager's skill at investing. The Infamous 2 and 20 Hedge Fund Arrangement If you ask, “what is a hedge fund?” Hedge funds pool money from investors and invest in securities or other types of investments with the goal of getting positive returns. But the more accessible funds may offer more limited opportunity. • Fees and taxes: Fees are hefty, usually 2% of assets plus 20% of profits. Merger arbitrage : Merger arbitrage, also called “deal arbitrage,” seeks to capture the price spread between current market prices of corporate securities and their value upon successful completion of a takeover, merger, spin-off, or similar transaction involving more than one company. Hedge funds are limited to wealthier investors who can afford the higher fees and risks of hedge fund investing, and institutional investors, including pension funds.

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That rarely ends well. Before you copy the trading moves of another investor, you need to do a little homework of your own, and you should always maintain an independent, skeptical mind when putting your capital at risk. But you don't get bonus points for coming up with an original trade. Returns are returns, regardless of whose idea the trade was, so there is really no sense in reinventing the wheel. Peter Lynch Chart of AAPL Today, we're going to take a look at some of the most recent major trades by some of the smartest investors in the business. Not all of these are trades I would recommend myself. In fact, at least one of them is a stock I would run away from screaming. But it's worthwhile to track which stocks the masters of the universe are buying. Even if we don't invest along with them on every trade, we might learn a thing or two. Cheniere Energy I'll start with liquefied natural gas exporter Cheniere Energy ( LNG ). With the price of crude oil under major pressure in 2015, energy stocks - Cheniere included - have taken an absolute beating.

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On.any occasions, investors follow the herd mentality of chasing returns, plunging more and more money into a high-performing fund, without regard for how the performance image source was obtained and – more important – whether the performance can be repeated in the future. It is also known as the long/short equity strategy . Portfolios are typically not structured to be market, industry, sector, and dollar neutral, and they may be highly concentrated. Many global macro managers use derivatives, such as futures and options, in their strategies. Please try again later. It's seen the largest number of fund closures since 2009. Often times, fee limitations such as high-water marks are employed to prevent portfolio managers from getting paid on the same returns twice. Hedge funds, however, are subject to the same prohibitions against fraud as are other market participants, and their managers owe a fiduciary duty to the funds that they manage. Fee caps may also be in place to prevent managers from taking on excess risk.