Viosk is a startup in automation of video and animated content

Viosk users have already estimated a beta of Viosk International. With such an unsophisticated but extremely effective tool one can run a blog successfully. It does not take much time or effort for a user to make HD videos. Users can’t but admire the professionally modeled templates that are intentionally customized to a great extent. Moreover, users are welcomed to sign up for Viosk and express their own ideas as to improve and perfect the cloud-based video content management system.

These day it is very difficult for marketers to win the consumers’ attention. The latter are so lost in their gadgets that one should invent something incredible or even magic in order to draw attention of the audience. Video marketing is an effective and powerful strategy of capturing consumers’ attention.
The outstanding role of video marketing online has been constantly increasing but here there is one problem to be faced. This strategy is rather expensive and not each company can afford itself using it in full. Thus, online video marketing is available only for the firms with large advertising budgets.
Viosk makes it possible to create videos of a high quality even for the smallest companies.

Viosk allows you to make a professional animated video for a short time period. To start shooting videos for the company, all you need is a web browser enabled by Viosk.

First, you should select one the suggested professionally-designed templates that will represent your company’s branding to the most. After the template has been chosen you can use different options – change colours, add text or insert images. Besides, clicking the “record” button you can add your voice to each scene. In case your video is done you can render and share it with Viosk.